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Summer Program

The course offering at Bella Academy's progresses considerably in terms of expression, musicality, understanding of movement qualities and dynamics, sense of performance and communication.

The aim is that the feel and experience of the style of ballet will be brought alive in a way that will enhance visits to the ballet. The syllabus itself is not based on one specific ballet, but there are moments based on particular steps. Bella encourages students to consider that their work and study of ballet is part of a classic dance heritage.

Throughout our course study, the emphasis is on imagination, communication and performance.

An inherent & special part of the Academy's calendar is our performances on Open Days - A recital wherein parents & teachers are invited to watch a performance of selected material by students at the end of a 6month study. All participating children will receive a Certificate of Achievement for the level undertaken. This provides the students a unique opportunity to showcase their class work and builds the confidence of performing on stage from an early age.

Another vital component of the courses are the special video screenings of world renowned ballets such as, Swan Lake, the Nutcracker, Giselle, La Sylphide and many more. There is a lot to be learned from watching - as the children imitate the various styles and this helps in developing their own artistry.

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