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Intermediate Foundation

A student who has successfully completed a course of study based on Intermediate Foundation will be able to:


Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the fundamental and relevanttechnique required at Level 2

Demonstrate co-ordination, control and accuracy in a range of sequences

Perform with an awareness of line

Perform with spatial awareness of the body in travelling movements and turning actions

Demonstrate an awareness of the appropriate dynamic values in the performance of the vocabulary

Perform a range of movements en pointe with control (female only).


Demonstrate understanding of a range of movements within different rhythmical frameworks

Perform with an awareness of phrasing and appropriate use of musical dynamics.


Perform showing understanding of interpretation and expression

Demonstrate communication and projection in performance.


Designed to be taught over 1-2 years. 

Class Requirement:

2-3 classes weekly

Dress Code:

Sleeveless leotard – black or royal blue

Pink ballet tights

Soft pointed shoes or soft ballet shoes – pink with ribbons

Pointed shoes (pointed work section) – pink with ribbons

Hair Style Code: 

Hair: Students must be well groomed with their hair tidily off their face and neckline.

Long Hair: Must be put up in a flat bun in a hair net and U pins.

Short Hair: Must be done in hair net and hair band.

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