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Pre-Professional Program

Ballet requires a particular type of physique and range of flexibility for professional dancing. The Pre-Professional Program offers intensive training for gifted students and aspiring ballet dancers. It is designed for the seriously inspired student who is willing to work hard and dedicate their time and attention towards their passion for dance and ballet.

The program includes ballet technique, pointe and variations. The pre-professional dancer will have the opportunity to perform throughout the year in various dance productions. It is of great benefit to these students, as they work in a class of only high aptitude peers.

As students advance through the program, the training schedule and the required time commitment will increase.

Students are expected to attend all Pre Professional classes as well as their Graded classes throughout the school year. Each six months, students will be evaluated by the Faculty to determine both placement and progression within the program. Students will receive a 'Certificate of Achievement' at the end of each year.

Students who are successful in the program are given the opportunity to enter for the American Ballet Theatre Examination (New York).

*Please visit our Examinations page for more information on the examination certification.

Pre Professional Division Class Attire:

The Pre Professional Division dress code encourages unity, discipline and improved concentration.

1st Year students are required to wear a pink camisole leotard, pink tights and pink soft ballet shoes.
2nd Year onwards are required to wear a black camisole leotard, pink tights, pink soft ballet shoes and pointe shoes (if applicable).

*Students will receive pointe shoes in the second year, depending on their progress and development in the first year of training.

The hair must be tied of the face and neckline and put into a flat bun secured with U-pins.

The teacher may ask a student to sit and observe the class if they are not in the correct attire.
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