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Ballet & Benefits

13 Aug 2014


Classical ballet provides the foundation for all other dance forms and for maintaining a life of well being and focus. Ballet builds a strong foundation for your child’s life. 

Every child benefits from ballet training, even though he or she may ultimately choose another career path. – Anabelle Lunawat (Director, Bella Academy) 


When a child is young, learning new things is easier for them. They can adapt and learn more quickly than when they are older. So, once a child begins in ballet at an early age, they are not only learning a valued art form but also getting trained for the discipline of life that is ahead of them.

Develop good posture, elegance and poise. 

Gain a sense of discipline through learning new positions and steps.

Learn coordination, balance and how to move gracefully. 

Physical fitness, stamina & flexibility. 

Become comfortable performing before an audience. 

Develop long, lean and strong muscles. 

Gain a sense of self-confidence & pride in their bodies. 

Develop self-expression. 

Gain a great sense of what they can accomplish. 

A taste for classical music. 

Learn to listen to instructions

This list is just the beginning! As a child continues to pursue ballet, you will see more benefits emerging. 

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