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Dream Pointe
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Adult: 4.5XX
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Pointe Shoes
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Cruelty-free pointe shoes with "vegan" sole made exclusively for Bella Academy by Grishko.

LIVE YOUR DREAM - is not only about dance, it is also about the wish of

every ballerina to have the pointe shoes that fit her the best to support and save the health of the

feet for a long time. That’s why our famous ballet shoes are handmade from natural materials.



- More than 3 times longer lifespan vs. classical styles due to the- state-of -art chemical-free insole materials.

- Paste-free and the use of thermoformable materials help make the insole very lightweight.

- The box made of natural materials absorbs moisture and is adjustable to any foot arch.

- The insole is assembled by hand and with care for any foot work and muscle strengthening.

- Forefront padding and pillow-like insole guarantee added comfort and coziness.


- The U-shaped medium vamp has long wings.

- Unique integrated construction of an insole and platforms of eco-friendly orthopedic thermoplastic material.

- Soft padding in the pointe shoe platform.

- Wide fore sole.

- The heel is 5 mm lower than in Grishko-2007.

- Increased durability because of using new insole construction and new producing technology. It’s very light because of using new glue for the box. Double upper preserves the shape of the pointe shoe.

- New durable combination of the shoe bottom details gives stability during the work in pointe.

- Pointe shoes will never break down. The main insole with the platform allows working on pointe long time without platform damage.

- Soft insock with the platform of special shoe material provides comfort wearing.

- Soft inner pad in the top of the pointe shoe absorbs load pulse during the work in pointes.

- New wide sole shape provides more balance and stability and creates an anti slip effect.

- Using thermoplastic material for the toe box allows making a wider platform.